Residential and Commercial Lawn Maintenance

Bringing careful, quality lawn mowing and maintenance services to your property in Harrisonburg and surrounding areas.

Lawn Mowing Service

Lawn maintenance involves keeping your lawn and outdoor property clean and manicured year round. It can be preparing your lawn for spring by clearing winter debris, mowing lawns throughout the summer, or yard clean-up before winter.

You might not have the time to give your lawn the attention it needs or maybe it is just getting difficult to do on your own. Whatever your reasons, hiring an expert lawn mowing professional from Nikkel Lawn Care can be an affordable and convenient solution.  No need to spend hours searching the internet for a professional lawn mowing service.  We're here to help you today!

Does landscaping include lawn mowing?

Because landscaping often deals with creating or transforming new outdoor spaces, Virginia homeowners may wonder if lawn mowing is part of landscaping. The short answer is yes. As part of a larger landscaping project, mowing may be included in the overall lawn care and maintenance of a property. This is particularly important with uniquely designed areas or with commercial properties that must be kept in pristine condition.

What does lawn care include?

There is a huge variety of reasons why you might need to find a commercial or residential lawn care service in your area. Maintaining a healthy lawn in Virginia requires ongoing care and a hefty commitment. Many landscape companies offer lawn care services in addition to regular, professional lawn maintenance and landscaping services. Nikkel Lawn Care’s professional lawn care services include:

  1. Lawn Mowing
  2. Mulching
  3. Grass Trimming
  4. Flower Bed Edging
  5. Sidewalk Edging

Nikkel Lawn care can provide consistent quality lawn care, lawn maintenance, and landscaping (both residential and commercial) services throughout the year. By hiring a professional, you can expect regular, reliable lawn care and lawn maintenance services without exerting time and effort on your own. A knowledgeable, skilled crew will be assigned to your residential or commercial properties on a weekly basis. This will allow you and your family the freedom to simply enjoy the benefits of your outdoor living space.

Residential and commercial lawn maintenance service are available from Nikkel Lawn Care in Harrisonburg, McGaheysville, Shenandoah, and Elkton, Virginia, plus surrounding areas. 

At Nikkel Lawn Care we don't just mow your lawn.
We care for it.
Making your yard look great is our priority!

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